To Live

To live

In relation to myself
To live a life of integrity, truth, faithfulness, compassion, simplicity, working for peace and justice.
To have a healthy lifestyle, to balance availability to others and time for family and friends, with space and time for personal renewal and rest and spiritual growth. To seek counsel from friends
To read attentively, write for pleasure and for purpose
To keep appropriate boundaries to safeguard personal health and welfare and which promote healthy relationships with others.

In relation to others
To regard all persons with equal love and concern.
To act so as to nurture the physical, emotional and spiritual health of others.
To give to those in need
To exercise care and sensitivity
To work with others for justice, peace and sustainability
In relation to vocation
To carry out commitments, duties and responsibilities efficiently and effectively, and not whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs or when medically advised not to do so.
To refrain from using privilege or power for personal advantage or gain, whether financial, emotional, sexual or material.
To be proactive in protecting others from prejudicial discrimination on the basis of gender, race, age, disability or sexual orientation.
To work collaboratively and safeguard the contribution of all in decision-making processes.
To maintain strict confidentiality, except when required the safety of others is at risk.

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