Each day

Each day is a day to experience. 
It may bring love and joy and peace.
But it may also bring hate and grief and war.
How we greet these things is down to us. 
Our reactions may, however, be partly determined 
by our genetic inheritance and 
partly by our upbringing and subsequent experience. 

Today may be regarded as special by millions of people, 
but for others it could be just another day to survive, 
another day to struggle to find food, shelter, clothing and respect. 

Each day is unique. 
The earth has moved on. 
The universe has changed. 
We too have have evolved, 
day by day, 
generation by generation, 
over thousands of years. 

I hope that we will eventually become more loving, 
be in a more harmonious relationship with the earth, 
and less avaricious, less destructive. 

So for today, as each day, 
we can be appreciative of the good we experience 
and try to make the experience of others a little more joyful. 

So when I write, love, joy and peace be with you.
That is a promise, a commitment to live up to.

I wish we could all experience love. Joy and peace.
Today and each day.

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