A creed in seven tweets

A creed in seven tweets. Do you share these convictions?

The universe, of which we are a part, becomes self aware in us and in all other sentient life.

The universe is learning how to be. Love is at its heart. Forgiveness is necessary to give and receive to make healthy relationships.

We feel awe and wonder at the variety of all that is, and that of which we are unaware. We see beauty and feel empathy for life that suffers.

We want to create a universe where all life is cherished, every human being is valued, all species are honoured, and the earth is cared for.

We admire Jesus of Nazareth, appreciate his teaching, and accept his challenge to love our neighbours and to live in sacrificial love.

We will use the abilities we have to make peace, create beauty and encourage hope, using words and actions.

We will resist non-violently the forces that lead to inequality, injustice, discrimination, and exploitation of other people and species.

One comment on “A creed in seven tweets

  1. Your creed is very noble and I would agree with it all. The call to resist injustice requires hope. I think you meant to use the phrase ‘encourage hope’ not the past tense. Encourage has within it the word ‘courage’.

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