A little bit of love goes a long way 

We were introduced to a new song at our Zoom choir rehearsal. Written by Graham Kendrick in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, it has a positive message which is there in the title. “A little bit of love goes a long, long way.” It is a song with simple lyrics and catchy tune; even in four parts it is relatively easy to sing. The words of the song set the theme for this week. Here are some e a plea of little acts of kindness that show the love we are receiving.

We are both over seventy in our household  so we have not been to a supermarket for six weeks. As a result of not getting delivery slots, we have been grateful to family for doing click and collect and adding our egg order to their regular amount. In fact it is not only the collection that has been helpful, but also notification of when there are slots available to book. In addition we have relied on our son-in-law to be our drug runner! He is collecting our prescriptions from the chemist once we have submitted online requests for repeats.  All deliveries of course are at a safe distance! 

I still find myself needing extra items for the allotment and my brother in law has established an account with our local High Street garden supplies shop. He seems to be collecting orders from four or five of us and then arranging distribution when the items arrive. I have just ordered some more pegs for netting and another packet of parsnip seeds, having already benefitted by getting some broad beans. 

My own little contribution had been to help the Clerk of our Local Quaker Meeting learn how to engage with a Zoom meeting without having video. It is possible to phone in, as we proved with a trial run. Those Friends who have been put off or prevented from participating can now use the technology they are familiar with to be involved. So we are arranging a meeting in a couple of weeks time to talk over a few necessary business items and it will be good to be able to talk with each other all together. This supplements the supportive calls on a one-to-one basis.

We may not be able to bring about great changes in the global scheme of things, but our small acts of loving kindness will nevertheless have an appreciable effect. A little bit of love, does indeed go a long, long way!


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