Busyness or Being?

Busyness or Being?

Life is busier.

I have one more choir rehearsal on Thursday before our concert with the Luton Concert Orchestra on Saturday. We are singing from our own repertoire plus items with the orchestra including a medley from the Sound of Music, and a kind of “Last night of the Proms” selection, including Loch Lomond, Men of Harlech and Land of Hope and Glory!

On the allotment, it is time to lift the potatoes and I have done so with Desiree, but the main crops are still to be done. Meanwhile I am trying to clear the weeds which have taken over the central area of the plot. I have managed to uncover the leeks and the brassicas, which are looking reasonable. The next section when cleared will be covered with fabric to suppress the next generation of weeds, and I hope reduce the work load next spring. Harvesting continues, with good sized carrots, a few more small courgettes, beetroot and a parsnip or two. The borlotti beans are magnificent with their red veined pods dangling from the plants which have grown up the cane structure. The colour in the pods will eventually fade and the beans inside the pods will gain a similar veining. They are best podded when completely dry, then stored in sealed jars or frozen. I have also picked some small bunches of black grapes from the vine, which we enjoy with the Wobbly Bottom cheese we bought from the market stall.

The MA induction week has proved interesting. There have been two video linked sessions, one from the head of the Politics, Philosophy and Religion department and the other from the Tutor of the Quaker modules. I had to download a new app, WebEx, to enable the link, and it worked! Both video and audio enabled a good conversation between the cohort of students, which is not large, but varied.
The university week begins for distance learners on Friday, with materials released each Wednesday. We have to respond to questions and to other responses as part of the assessment. One of the assignments will be to create a video or PowerPoint lasting about five minutes, and that should be another new experience. I am a little concerned about the academic discipline about referencing, but in the preparation for the 5,000 Word essay this term we have to create a bibliography, précis an article and produce an essay plan, all of which should help meet the standard.

In between all of the busyness, and the regular commitments which are ongoing, I am trying to find moments to simply enjoy what is happening. So, when my head is full of music for the concert, I let it flow through me, allowing the words and the rhythm to be part of me, for example Edelweiss, one of the pieces in The Sound of Music. Then, when I am having a rest from the weeding, I am sitting a little longer on my bench on the allotment, enjoying the sunshine, listening to the birds and contemplating nature. When it is not a day for studying, which are planned for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I am allowing myself time to enjoy reading other books, doing the cooking and perhaps even sitting doing nothing, just looking at the view of the garden from the conservatory!


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