It is strange having the flu when the news all round the world is about coronavirus. I have not been to Wuhan, nor come into contact with anyone with that virus. But the flu I had was bad enough. It made me think not just about the protective measures to prevent the spread of the disease, but about the amount of care being given to the thousands who are suffering. I am grateful that I have been well cared for in my self-imposed quarantine. 

Most of the time I have slept, confined to bed. But I have been able to read and even do the crosswords most days! Thankfully, it has been a quiet time as far as meetings go. I have managed to respond to some emails and even on a better day I drafted the annual report! Knowing I could not do very much has been liberating in a kind of way. The pressure has been off. The same pressure that led me to feel low and possibly made me more liable to infection. 

There are signs of hope. I was determined to sow some seeds now that it is February. So nasturtiums and broad beans are growing in the propagator, though there are no signs of them appearing as yet. I plan to sow tomatoes  in the next few days. And I have even been out and bought some onion sets and vermiculite, not that they go together. These are signs of commitment to the future. 

The trip to the northeast had to be cancelled, but plans are laid for old friends to visit next week. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and an evening out is arranged. The snow drops are out, and the daffodils in bud. Spring will come. 

The body can recover, as can the earth, if it is cared for. So I am thankful for the kindness of those who care, for their love in practice. 

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