For the second week running I am afraid my blog is simply a few words formed into a hymn/song. This week it is because I have just been to the dentist and I am not capable of much deep thinking!

This rather simple song nevertheless says something of the care I have received today and over the past few days. It also addresses the much mor profound issue of turning enemies into friends.

It is good to make friends

It is good to know that someone is for you;
who will be your helper and protect you too;
care for you and hold you when you’re feeling low;
as your friend and carer they are good to know.

It is good to be loved, held in warm embrace,
by a loving partner, filling you with grace,
listening to your troubles, with a patient heart,
sharing in your laughter, bringing healing’s art.

It is good to feel that you are not alone;
someone is beside you, like your flesh and bone;
as a welcome presence, calming inner fears,
bringing hope and stillness, drying up your tears.

It is good to be with someone you can trust.
who can keep your secrets, always, if needs must;
help you find the courage to do what you said;
speak the truth to help you find the way ahead

It is good to make friends from your enemies,
even when there’s conflict love will never cease;
breaking down the barriers, finding common ground;
finding faithful friendship makes your joy abound.

If you have access to a traditional hymn book you will find these words can be sung to the tune: Evelyns.

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