“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”

This was the message on one of the light screens we saw when we walked along the path on the theme of ‘when you wish upon a star’. I mentioned our visit to Waddesdon in my last blog. The messages on the lights were produced by local school children, and were inspirational.

In these days of heightened anxiety because of the new variant of the coronavirus, and the resulting restrictions on our movement, it is all the more vital to hold on to the charitableness of others. 

We may try to do our part by donating to food banks, or responding to the appeals by Crisis and Shelter for help for the homeless, or sending cards to those we know may be on their own at Christmas. But we also can be receivers of the generosity and thoughtfulness of others.

This week it was a joy when two friends who I had not seen for some time joined a meeting via Zoom. It was a lovely surprise to receive a Christmas card from my allotment neighbour, in which he expressed his appreciation for the companionship we have enjoyed this year. I valued the  careful professionalism and the gentle confidence of the health worker who looked after me for my annual pacemaker checkup. And my regular telephone call with a good friend gave us both an opportunity to share encouragement and hope for the future. It has been a joy opening each day the envelopes prepared by our grandchildren, with their drawings, photos, little decorations for the Christmas tree, and Santa jokes. 

I believe in my heart of hearts that everything is connected. So each kind thought and deed contributes to the goodness of the universe. It may be that the meaning we create, the love we show, influences the way the future will evolve. So, each act of kindness does matter. We can try to make a domino effect of care and kindness by doing something small and simple each day. 


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