Life not cancelled!

It might seem as if everything is being cancelled at the moment. But life goes on! Admittedly, it is tempting to make the most of the ‘last time for a while’ events. So it was really good to meet up with a friend for a pub lunch last week, (hand washing etc all duly observed). We hope to meet again for an outdoor walk in May, but who knows?

On Sunday we had a singing workshop organised through our local community choir. It was led by Craig Lees, who is ‘somebody’ in the singing world, (google it to find out). It became the ‘last time for a while’ that we will meet as a choir as our regular sessions are now cancelled. The rock and pop themed workshop was amazing in a number of ways. The warm-up was virtually silent and lasted nearly half an hour, but was hugely entertaining. Then we spend more than two hours working on a song by Naughty Boy, Runnin’ (Lose it all) which has been performed by Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin. It was challenging and fun to learn but just as fascinating was the story behind the lyrics. We were asked what we thought the message of the song was. Answers included, empowerment, self-discovery and determination. “Ain’t running from myself no more’ was one of the themes. But the key phrase is “If I lose myself I lose it all”. After the break we focussed on Tina Turner’s hit, Simply the Best. We enjoyed not just the music but also entering into the spirit of the song by moving (dancing) with the rhythm.

It was an exhausting event, but singing is healthy and it was good to be with folk we will not see now for a while. Craig is a very talented young man and his accompanist Declan was also gifted. They were a good team. Craig does these workshops regularly and loves them, he also leads choirs and lectures in contemporary music. He was a bit larger than life and how his voice lasts I don’t know. 

Meanwhile, lots of other things are being cancelled. Many of the groups that use the Quaker Meeting House have stopped. Sunday services at Edward Street URC in Dunstable are cancelled for the ‘foreseeable future’. Our family celebration of a sixtieth birthday due this Saturday is also off.  One of the good things, though, is the response of care and concern for older and vulnerable people. Our daughters are clearly concerned for us and like other children are telling their parents  not to take risks. In our local town a Facebook group has sprung up to offer help to those who have to self isolate and has seen a huge response within days. 

Life is not cancelled! It will be different for a while certainly, and possibly for the long term too. Changes in behaviour may become a more permanent feature of our lifestyle. It would be good if there were less flying, less emphasis on luxuries, whilst still appreciating the joy of friends and family and the wonders of the world. Life is good!

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