From time to time I find it helpful to reflect on current events or issues I am facing through writing poetry. Here is  sample. Others will appear here as posts or on separate pages linked to this one.

When ‘commemorations’ of the First World War began, I wrote this piece.


‘Behind the front line’
Those who train the trigger finger
forge a weapon of war
just as surely as bomb builders
and mine manufacturers.

Those who trade in torpedoes and tanks
are dealers in death
just as surely as submariners
or soldiers or satellites

Those who direct drones to destroy
deliver pain personally
just as surely as close combat corps
or twilight torturers.

© Terry Oakley


Earth’s traffic

When walking was the only way to cross the earth by night or day, the human scale of things was such  that nature was not hurt too much. On horseback or by camel ride the journeys now ranged far and wide; though beasts were tamed and put to use they did not always know abuse.  […]

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Red and White

Wear a poppy to remember of the wounds of war, and wear a poppy to promote the prospects of peace. The red, redolent of bloody fields, raises regrets. The white, witnessing to bonds of friendship, holds hope. The one alone risks jingoism, the other hostility. The one is expected, even required. The other is misunderstood […]

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Serenity in Meeting

Serenity in Meeting The epiphany of meeting you wakes a sense of community I feel we are no longer strangers but pilgrims towards unity. The inspiration of hearing you provides an insight into truth I feel we have a shared commitment bridging the gap of age and youth. The awesomeness of knowing you sparks a […]

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In time

In time In time all land must change as plates collide or drift apart. In time the world will change as power shifts and problems start to tilt the global balance. So what will happen now? In time the ice age passed ushering in the human race. In time the empires passed and human knowledge […]

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