Born of woman


All of us are born of woman,
children of Eve.
All of us both men and women,
she did conceive.
She who carried us within her
and who laboured to deliver,
we and her are one together
this we believe.

Each of us is served by woman
meeting our needs.
Each of us, both men and women,
Live by her deeds.
She provides our food and nurture,
tender love and open future.
Sacrifice is in her nature,
we are agreed.

Each of us, when faced by women,
seeking their right;
each of us, both man and woman,
can see the light:
Her integrity we honour;
Her potential we will favour;
Her defence will be our labour
both day and night.

All of us, who come from woman:
All of us, both men and women:
in unity.
Our diversity is precious;
mutuality is gracious;
every person truly makes us –


This poem could also be sung. It fits the traditional Welsh tune of: Ar Hyd y Nnose