It is proverbially profoundly problematic to prove anything in Quantum Physics. The uncertainty principle dominates the universe. And yet quantum computers are currently being constructed and communities wonder what a Quantum World Wide Web would look like. Into this complex cosmic conundrum steps QED, one of the most intelligent Quarks ever to emerge from the mysterious mass of space. In some ways QED is the last Quark you might think of because inevitably QED always comes at the end. But the existence and importance of QED has been known from the emergence of the earliest philosophers. In those times there were frequent references to “quod erat demonstrandum”, now more naturally known as QED.

For anyone engaged in a scientific or logical pursuit, QED is an essential ally, without whom any theory or project is doomed to fail. There is no trustier touchstone of truth than QED. The hallmark of humble honesty is the sure sign of QED’s sincerity. Whenever anyone wants approval or authorisation for anything, they can do no better than present the proof of QED’s presence. QED does not demand any special social status for this critical confirmation. After all QED demonstrates that to which everyone should aspire. Consistency, calculation, consideration and charity are the catchwords that form the chorus of QED’s song.

One of QED’s closest companions is equality, without whom logic would be loveless, calculations cold, and theories tender-less. These friends socialise with simplicity, for the most elegant of theorems according to Occam’s rule is the simplest. When these three meet in harmony, they witness wonderfully to the peace of perfection.

Naturally, nothing emerges easily from the confused conflict of the cosmos. Long labours, and tortuous toils are necessary for the student of sub-atomic particles. The quest for quantum certainties requires comprehensive, consistent and coherent concentration. The end is not evident and can be elusive. Contradictions and cul-de-sacs crop up persistently. But the one who perseveres to the end prevails. Then they can with complete confidence say QED.

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