Most Quarks are lively and full of fun and endless energy. But there are a few that seem to be square, in the sense of not being trendy. Quadrat is one of those exceptions. Studious, serious, solemn and scientific is definitely an appropriate description of Quadrat. Quarks are so small as to be almost undetectable, and it is the little things in the universe that Quadrat is interested in.

Quadrat has a devotion to detail, a fascination with the fine print, a passion for the particular. This is the reason for the research Quadrat carries out. Knowing how many Quarks can muster in a cubic meter is the kind of challenge that Quadrat craves. Meticulous measurement of the minutest movement is essential to the experiments that Quadrat enjoys.

Other Quarks obsess about speed and the spectacular. But Quadrat concentrates on the cosmic catalogue of creatures that crawl or creep or simply stay still. Quadrat’s deepest desire is to discover the different species spread throughout the universe. Even in the seemingly most inhospitable environments there are territories that teem with life. Unbelievably, there are numberless nuances to the shapes of sentient life.

Where Quarks whizz by without any attention to their surroundings, Quadrat studies the simple structure of infinitesimal items. Research requires random sampling of sources, so Quadrat searches space focussing on physical phenomena. In the finer features of the framework of life there are fractals which incorporate infinite intricacies and ubiquitous uncertainties.

Close collaboration with colleagues in the college of scientific study, including Quantity and Quality, has led to leaps in learning about the subatomic sphere of existence. Forming formulae to accurately assess and positively predict developments from the data is difficult. Adding algorithms which produce perfect correspondence with the character of the cosmos without discrimination or distortion is also an amazing achievement.

Where once there was a blank in the printed page of quantum mechanics, Quadrat has provided proof positive that there is more to the square than meets the eye.


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