Perhaps it is a matter of taste as to what you think is quaint. Sometimes we might say a person dressed in unfashionable clothes is quaint. Or an old piece of china might be quaint. What makes a Quark quaint? You might well ask.  It might be a delicate shade of colour, or a subtle angle of spin. It could be the style of travel, perhaps a little more leisurely than most other Quarks, who race along at the speed of light.

Quaint, the Quark, had all of these features, hence the name. Very unusually Quaint was both strange and charming, both picturesque and profound, lively yet leisurely. You could not possibly lose your temper or feel threatened by Quaint. All cuddles and warmth and a little eccentricity, that was Quaint. Everybody said “Aahh.” when they saw Quaint. A little sunshine fell into your day when Quaint came round the corner.

However, in the rapid rush of today, when information flies to and fro, as fast as a flash of lighting, and with any sense or meaning arriving only several moments later like the thunder, being quaint, or Quaint, is a challenge. Some are vertically challenged, that is, they are small. Some are financially challenged, in other words, they are poor. Quaint was digitally challenged, and this is not about a lack of fingers, because Quarks do not have hands, never mind fIngers. No, it is the fact that Quaint did not know twitter from bird song, or a website from a spider’s trap. Neither facebook, instagram or snapchat would have meant anything to Quaint.

Not that this bothered Quaint, who moved along life’s lanes serenely, coasting the circuit in a unique and ubiquitous way. It is fascinating that there are so many nooks and crannies where the weird and wonderful can be watched at leisure, should you take the time to look.

So, here is some advice, keep your eyes wide open, be ready to pause, and enjoy observing the Quaint.

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