Of all the Quarks, the original was Quantum. Quarks, are very, very small. They are part of the family of fundamental particles, smaller than an atom. They are found in families of two or three. Quantum was the first nuclear family.

Not very many people understand Quarks. They are very mysterious. There is a special theory about Quantum. Many stories are told of Quantum’s leaps, energy and forces. It is hard to know where fact and fiction begin and end. Quantum was always and still is a mystery.

Was this first Quark born in a big bang? Has Quantum always existed? Where is Quantum now? We cannot know for certain, because every time we see Quantum everything changes. If we try to measure how fast Quantum is going then we can’t work out where Quantum is. If we try to pinpoint the position then we don’t know what speed Quantum has.

Here’s an old, old story that is told about Quantum. Once upon a time, far, far away, somewhere in the universe things began to grow heavier and denser. There was a big squeeze going on. A huge hole was dragging all the surrounding stuff into it. The pull was so strong that nothing could escape. Even light was sucked in and couldn’t get out.

Quantum was there of course, right in the middle of it all. Quantum was becoming heavier and heavier. But instead of growing bigger and bigger, Quantum was getting smaller and smaller. The pressure was on. The space was contracting, as if folding in on itself.

Soon it felt as if Quantum must disappear – so, so heavy, so, so small – and become nothing at all – just a black hole.

There was only one way out – to move quick, very quick, quicker than ever before. So spinning speedily Quantum became lighter and lighter, and larger and larger. Then came the great leap of faith. Into the unknown Quantum went.

And that is where Quantum still is… in The Unknown.

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