Amongst Quarks there is a legend of a great leader named Quasheba. However, it is never clear whether this name refers to a single Quark or to a few or to a movement among Quarks, which could be a network of resistance. The name suggests an individual originating on a Sunday. It is one of the rare examples of gender among Quarks, because Quasheba carries connotations of Queen and Mother. The name or title is linked to stories of strong characters who challenge authority and stand in solidarity with those who are enslaved.

Of course to those in power Quasheba means trouble-maker, a stirrer of souls to resist and rebel against abusive authoritarianism. Quarks always are unpredictable and frequently feisty, and this is true of Quasheba. The odd thing is that there seems to be a long history of Quarks called Quasheba. Hence the theory that there is a network or movement that takes the title and draws on the tradition for inspiration.

Quarks usually exist in threes, but Quasheba points to a pattern that incorporates a more interesting intentional community. How do Quarks build such a sense of belonging? What weaves them together? Is Quasheba a sign of evolutionary emancipation? Perhaps it is possible to trace a line of learning from one Quark generation to another. Is Quasheba a subversive and secret society of sub-atomic particles creating cosmic confusion in the cause of equality for everyone?

Actually, Quasheba appears as an angel, an agent acting for the greater good of Quarks, especially those who have been marginalised and ignored. Quasheba is an exotic emblem of emancipation, empowering Quarks.  The mystery and magic conjured up by this uncanny cosmic creature threatens the towers of totalitarianism.

Out of the dark dimensions of space, Quasheba brings light and life, the hope of happiness and the prospect of peace, for so long denied. No wonder stories surround and myths multiply around the meaning of Quasheba. Here is a Quark that is both hero and heroine

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