There are some who cannot stand Quiet. Yet Quiet is a simply lovely Quark, a little strange maybe, but the top and down of it is that Quiet is silent. Many folk find silence difficult. They rush to fill it with words or music or noise of any kind. So Quiet, like most of us, is often surrounded by hustle and bustle, business and brashness.

It is not that Quiet does not like company. On the contrary Quiet loves to be with other Quarks, enjoying their friendship, listening to their wisdom, provided it is not long and drawn out, or filled with unnecessary padding or pride.

Quiet is very observant, which is all of a piece with not having to say very much, or having to be busily active. When you sit quietly it is amazing what you can notice. In fact it has been said that if only everyone could learn how to sit in silence with others then there would be peace everywhere.

Of course being Quiet does not mean being inactive all the time. Thieves learn how to be move silently when the need arises, though that is not a very good example to offer to young Quarks. But preparing a surprise for a friend means acting quietly and unobtrusively so that the surprise will be all the more enjoyable.

Quiet, the silent Quark, loved travelling the universe, watching the slowly swirling galaxies, especially our own spiral of the Milky Way. Keeping silent allowed Quiet to hear the songs of the stars, and to detect the very faint echo of the signature tune of the gravitational waves, the crashing of comets onto distant moons, even the absence of sound at the birth of a black hole.

In deep meditative silence Quiet marvels at the mystery of the universe. Best of all is being with a friend or lover keeping a companionable silence together, gazing with wonder at the incredible intricacy of ions, or contemplating the value of Planck’s constant.

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