Quodlibet was a pair of very strange and scholarly Quarks bound together in a Mesonic marriage. Strange, because here were two contrasting characters in constant conflict. One was the opposite of the other. Scholarly, because Quodlibet was very steeped in spirituality and a maestro musically.

Quodlibet divided days between debating elaborate and esoteric elements of the existence of God, and composing concertos based on complementary counterpoint. Sometimes it started with arguments about agnosticism or atheism, or about the teachings of Aquinas, Buddha or Confucius. Before long there would be battles based on Byzantine beliefs; then there were convoluted conversations concerning contemporary creeds. The dialogue would descend into deep dialectic. Each Quark would present elaborate essays featuring fantastic flights of fancy to prove their point. Often obscure observations from old texts, were welcomed with wild whistles.

Later, having wrestled with words, and wondered at their wit, they would transfer their attention to making music. Taking turns, one would twist a topical tune into tonal themes. Then the other would tantalisingly tack on a text adding a trace of tonic to the treatment of the tune. Not to be outdone the first would then harness harmonics and an alternative algorithm to produce a passionate piece of percussion.

So it would have continued hour after hour, day after day, week after week, eternally. Like a binary system Quodlibet spun round and round, waltzing with words and moving majestically to the music. However, so concentrated was Quodlibet on internal intrigues the approach of a barbarian, bundle of brash bosons went unnoticed.

The collision catapulted Quodlibet into opposite orbits, only to be magically and immediately merged into a Mesonic maelstrom. For a split second it seemed that never again would such solipsistic sophistication be seen or heard in the solar system. But the force that had first formed Quodlibet proved sufficiently strong to bring back and bind together from the opposite corners of the cosmos, this unique union of the universe. Harmony was heard again, and again.

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