It is not everyday that you think about Quarks, unless, of course, you are a quantum scientist, in which case they swarm in every system. In the sub-atomic, a sublime and mysterious milieu, there is a Quark which sends the scientists scatty, and that is Quotidian. Up, down, whichever way you look, Quotidian is like a bad penny always turning up; at least, appearing every day, without fail.

What is it about Quotidian that makes these recurrent appearances so necessary? Is it a desire for the limelight – a wish to star in some super-cosmic show? Or is it an addiction to attention seeking, a need to be loved? Or perhaps it is a periodic preamble which has become so habitual that it is impossible to stop.

Reactions to Quotidian vary from resignation to relief. Registering and recording Quotidian’s appearance is routine. But some recognise this daily drama as a sign of determined resolution on Quotidian’s part. “I will not be forgotten!” This is the main message of the everyday event of Quotidian’s existence.

Others speculate that somehow Quotidian has been grasped by a groundhog kind of cosmic curse. Doomed to dance daily, world without end! Enduring an endless loop of tedious time. A fate far worse than the career of the commuter caught in a carriage crammed with continuous silence, yet creepy eyes.

All this is seen from the perspective of a person on earth, where the world whirls and spins in twenty four hours, through day and night, in relation to the sun. But a Quark like Quotidian is not constrained by such cosmic circumferences within the solar system. Everything and everywhere is possible for a Quark, even if it may be only for a microsecond.

There is one further theory that has been formulated, and that is, there may be more than one Quotidian. Perhaps it is not the same Quark that turns up daily, but a twin, or a triplet or one of a trillion! Everday encores!


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