Remembering lockdown

Remembering lockdown days:

when we last saw or went or did.

that early sense of quiet roads,

hearing the birds and feeling still.

The gift of time to rest and play

that soon became the days of fear.

Losing our friends, without goodbyes.

The carers risks and price they paid.

Uncertainty gripped us all.

Keep yourself safe, social distance,

wash hands often, don’t touch or kiss.

How can we show our love apart?

Lockdown easing brings no relief,

just more concern, and confusion.

These unprecedented times 

continue to confound us all.

Politicians and scientists

struggle together and against

each other while the world whirls on

and no one knows the future now.

What was normal will not return.

But some have gained and others lost.

Inequality increases.

Yet hope survives and finds green shoots.

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