I have been writing songs and hymns and have a collection of over forty currently entitled ‘Seeking Songs’, which cover different seasons of the Christian year and a variety of themes. Some will appear here as posts. An eBook of the texts may be available soon. If you are interested, please contact me.

Songs on this website may be used freely in worship with acknowledgement , “© Terry Oakley and used by permission”



The Law of Life

The law of love in every heart is needed and love of neighbour should direct our way. Love is the gift for which the saints have pleaded, so they could walk the path of peace each day. The law of Christ is to love our neighbour, with the same love that we have for ourselves. […]

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The New World

  This planet revolving through time and in space, is our world evolving, our home and our place. It’s birth pangs are earthquakes, volcanoes that blaze. A blue orb that circles the sun with such grace. The world is a weaving of wonder and pain; one world, yet divided again and again, where conflict is […]

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Wrestling When I wrestle again with the day’s past performance, I remember with sorrow all the troubles I began. Then I wrestle with what in my life has importance. What kindness and care will I plan? With my family and friends who are always beside me I hear plenty of wisdom but we fight that […]

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We dedicate ourselves

  1. When we gather in this place, see each other face to face, then we recognise it’s true that all can serve. We all have a part to play, serve each other day by day, so we make our call to you, Will you serve too? Will you promise to be faithful as you […]

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Be courageous

  I will hope that life will flourish. I will dream of peace on earth. I will dare to act for justice. But I feel the pangs of birth. We will trust in loving power. We will put our faith in truth. We will hold on to each other. But the road is far from […]

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