Be prepared

Be prepared

When we feel afraid and frightened;
when the world seems full of pain;
do we trust in borders tightened,
to protect us time and again?
Should we welcome every stranger
seeking for our common ground;
making peace to lessen danger,
trusting in shared truth we found?

When tomorrow threatens terror,
and the news is full of hate,
do we just compound the error
blocking beggars at the gate?
Should we draw on deep devotion
to the Love that gave us life;
finding cause for Christ’s compassion
in the face of war-torn strife?

When we wake up to the warning
that our world may be destroyed;
when we listen to the crying
of the poor and unemployed;
then we need to heed the saying
‘Be prepared’ and prompt to act;
for the challenge will be coming
and our faith should be intact.

Therefore, people of compassion,
be prepared by finding friends,
building bridges, easing tension,
seek forgiveness, make amends.
Practice patient, constant kindness,
listen to the quiet voice.
Fill your life with grace and goodness.
Be content and so rejoice!

© Terry Oakley 31.7.16

May be used in worship with acknowledgement.