The New World


This planet revolving through time and in space,
is our world evolving, our home and our place.
It’s birth pangs are earthquakes, volcanoes that blaze.
A blue orb that circles the sun with such grace.

The world is a weaving of wonder and pain;
one world, yet divided again and again,
where conflict is normal with peace as its aim
and life wakes to wildness, yet hopes love will reign.

The earth is the setting for mind to emerge;
where conscience, compassion and truth will converge.
Through struggle and heartache we faithfully search
for visions and values that fulfil love’s urge.

The new world is coming, the prophets proclaim.
Our hope for the future has this as its aim:
that freedom will flourish and justice be plain,
and all will enjoy the warmth of love’s flame.

Terry Oakley 7.5.15.
Suggested tune: St Denio (Joanna)