When I wrestle again with the day’s past performance,
I remember with sorrow all the troubles I began.
Then I wrestle with what in my life has importance.
What kindness and care will I plan?

With my family and friends who are always beside me
I hear plenty of wisdom but we fight that I guarantee.
How can people so close to me differ and disagree?
We struggle to keep unity.

In the ways of the world there is much that is terrible:
injustice and violence, and rape of the earth,
enslavement of peoples and suffering unbearable.
How much is each human life worth?

We must wrestle again in the forging of treaties;
uniting with others to make all injustice cease.
and act with all speed to protect every species
so that all life may flourish in peace.

Terry Oakley


This was written for a service at Palmers Green United Reformed Church when the Bible readings were Genesis 32.22-30, Psalm 121 and Luke 18.1-8
Suggested Tune ‘Life of the world’