This section if the website will explore issues to with faith, values, beliefs, etc. There will be articles on theological themes though the notion of ‘God’ expressed will be radical.


Religious or Spiritual?

Towards the end of last century it was thought that religion would die out. Secularisation was spreading across the developed world. ‘GOD is DEAD’ screamed some headlines.  Well, it hasn’t happened. Why not?  First, the view that secularisation would sweep the world, was based on a European perspective. It was never the same in America […]

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Faith in practice changes things

Some might think that faith is about having to believe certain things. Others perhaps think it is about a personal prayer life. Yet others see organised religion and think faith is not for them. I think faith is having the courage to put hope into action. Faith is very personal, because we all have different […]

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Churches Together in Leighton-Linslade

As a representative of Churches Together, I have been asked to write a monthly column under the banner of “Faith Matters” for the local newspaper the Leighton Buzzard Observer. The first article appears on 29th May 2018. This is the article. Faith Matters An age of the Spirit More than half the people in Britain now […]

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Communion in Meeting

Communion in Meeting Communing in the spirit might be one way to describe Quaker worship. Individuals meet together mainly in silence, but the aim is to become a ‘gathered’ meeting, to be in communion with one another and with the Other. The contrast with sung Eucharist, or high mass is stark… No wordy liturgy, no […]

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To Live

To live In relation to myself Aims To live a life of integrity, truth, faithfulness, compassion, simplicity, working for peace and justice. To have a healthy lifestyle, to balance availability to others and time for family and friends, with space and time for personal renewal and rest and spiritual growth. To seek counsel from friends […]

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Eh Jesus? Yes Nico?

A conversation based on a meeting between Jesus and Nicodemus Inspired by sharing in a Bible Study on John 3. Eh Jesus? Yes, Nico? I am really impressed by the things that you are doing. They are changing people’s lives and giving hope for a better world. Yes, it’s the truth that there is a […]

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