I have written stories about Quarks, which are based on my understanding (such that it is) of the science of these sub-atomic particles. However each Quark has a personality and a name beginning with Q.

Here is a sample.


Querty was a Quark. Quarks are very, very small, and always travel in twos or threes. Quarks have very short but superb lives. Some spin, as Querty did. Some are colourful as Querty was. Some are charming and Querty most certainly was enchanting.

From the moment Querty was born as an up, up down Quark, Querty wanted to be a writer. Not just an ordinary writer, but a Poet. To explore the full range of life’s experiences, its joys, sorrows, comforts and dangers that is the challenge and privilege of a Poet

As Querty flashed through life, as Quarks do, Querty collected lots of experiences, highs and lows, wins and losses, mountains and valleys. And alongside them Querty gathered every letter, every syllable and every word that could be found to describe the events and emotions of life.

Soon Querty’s collection grew. In experiences, there were thrills in discovering new life, tragedies full of hurts and pains, jokes and sad songs, great varieties of people and places. In words, there were hundreds starting with atom, bang, collide… And later motion, nuclear, orbit…and later still x-rays, ylem, zany. Then there were, zenith, zest, zing, zip, zoom just to name a few.

Querty knew that there was not much time to spin all these words into beautiful poetry. It had to be the best. Everyone had to be able to see it. Sometimes poetry has rhymes, sometimes not. Sometimes it is not easy to understand at first. But the best poetry always it makes powerful changes in those who read it.

Speeding along everything at last began to come together. Querty was truly inspired. Phrases were formed, sentences were constructed, verses were built. Now it was time for the big moment.

Querty rushed to meet the deadline. Then it came in a flash. In one scintillating second Querty became poetry in motion. Querty’s lines were written in space for all to see. They were beautiful, gracious and spectacularly short.


There were originally thirty three Quark stories, in triplets. I am extending the series and hope to keep on writing aiming to reach sixtysix! Each story has three hundred and thirty three words. This is because of the nature of Quarks, which usually appear in threes. All the stories are available on the website see the separate page Quark Stories. The stories may become available sometime as an ebook, and there may be others on this page as posts. If you are interested in reading more, please contact me. 

Ride for Equality and the Common Good

A Group of Friends from Kendal and Sedbergh Area rode from Swarthmore Hall in Cumbria to present a declaration on Equality and the Common Good to Number 10 Downing Street on 3rd August 2018. They stayed at various Meeting Houses on the route, including Leighton Buzzard. Some of the teenagers slept outdoors, other rides slept on the […]

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Query Quarks are fascinating and fickle but not understood. Research tries to reach into their strange sub-atomic and creative cosmic activity. Experts expect exciting new discoveries of different particles. However, the interest is not only one way. There are Quarks who are also enquiring. Query is one such seeking Quark. With a wide and intense […]

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Quoin In the quaint quantum world where everything is ephemeral, uncertain or unpredictable, Quoin was one of those solid dependable types that is good to have around. Other Quarks may spin or be up top or bottom down, but Quoin is always on the edge, at an angle and distinctive. If life is lacklustre, days […]

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Quadrat Most Quarks are lively and full of fun and endless energy. But there are a few that seem to be square, in the sense of not being trendy. Quadrat is one of those exceptions. Studious, serious, solemn and scientific is definitely an appropriate description of Quadrat. Quarks are so small as to be almost […]

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Quadrantid The origins of the Quadrantid Quarks are lost in space, so one could say they come from nowhere. But come they do like showers of stars streaking across the sky. Quite clearly they are up top spinning Quarks and they move in massive numbers. They are not as popular as other Quarks, but they […]

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Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo Amongst Quarks it is very unusual to have twins, especially as Quarks usually come in threes. But Quid and Quo were always seen together. In every event they were evenly matched, though they were not identical. In fact they were almost mirror images of each other, complementary companions it could be said. […]

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Qubit Events at the extreme edge of experimentation are attracting the attention of academics like the Quark conventionally called Qubit. Quantum scientists have been searching for ways to increase the power and speed of computing. Imaginative intuition is the skill scientists need nowadays, especially so since Einstein. Qubit is one of the most original thinkers […]

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QED It is proverbially profoundly problematic to prove anything in Quantum Physics. The uncertainty principle dominates the universe. And yet quantum computers are currently being constructed and communities wonder what a Quantum World Wide Web would look like. Into this complex cosmic conundrum steps QED, one of the most intelligent Quarks ever to emerge from […]

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Quark “Be natural and be yourself.” That was the way Quark wanted to be. But in the cauldron of cosmic particles the pressure to be beautiful and popular is intense. Quark existed as the epitome of Quarks, having emerged from the embrace of a warming world and sifted by solar winds. The result was a […]

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